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ZODIAC Triangle Cat Scratcher - Moruya 27x 27x 37 cm

ZODIAC Triangle Cat Scratcher - Moruya 27x 27x 37 cm


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The claw-some cat scratcher for your energetic kitty!

One of the basic instincts of a cat is scratching and it is just fitting to give them the best cat scratcher available today. Zodiac MoruyaTriangle Cat Scratcher is a cozy triangle-shaped scratcher made from high-density corrugated cardboard. Your cat can scratch away to its heart’s content. The cubby hole in the middle provides a comfy place to rest, hide and sleep. Provides a steep angled/sloping, horizontal, and vertical scratching, this 3-sided scratcher will satisfy your cat’s scratching instincts. A terrific way to exercise ensures claws are kept trimmed and healthy and is a fantastic stress reliever.


Made from high-quality corrugated cardboard, non-toxic and can withstand bites and scratches of pets.
Specially made for long-term use can even last up to 3x the average lifespan of a standard cat scratcher.
Has a rolling ball at the steep-angled platform side to add more fun and stimulate the cat’s curiosity.
Designed as a 3-in-1 cat furniture as it functions as a cat scratcher, climber, and hideout.
Provides hours of entertainment and exercise as it also prevents home furniture damage. 

Material: High-Quality Corrugated Cardboard

Product Dimension:  27 x 27 x 37cm (HxWxD)


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