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ZODIAC Triangle Cat Ball Cat Scratcher

ZODIAC Triangle Cat Ball Cat Scratcher


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High-quality cat scratching boards promote good grooming, spare the furniture from damage, and relieve stress for our cats.

Give your cat the best gift ever with the ZODIAC Kiwi Triangle Cat Ball and Scratcher 28x17x21cm. This is an interactive toy that also allows your kitty to unleash and satisfy their natural instincts of scratching and playing by providing a wide variety of textures for vigorous scratching and rolling. Made of corrugated cardboard, it is very durable and can be recycled again. Ideal for healthy claw maintenance, exercise/muscle toning, and stress relief as well as protecting your furniture from scratches while allowing your cat an area where they can play and scratch.


Multi-function cat scratcher as it serves as a scratcher and an interactive toy too. 
Made from quality and durable corrugated cardboard, this allows it to be long-lasting and wear-resistant.
Easy to assemble and use. Safe to use for cats of all ages.
Comes with 2 balls for mental stimulation.
100% non-toxic and safe for cats. A clever, environmentally-friendly cat scratcher that will stand up tall against kitty's claws. 
Protects your furniture by being your cats’ primary target. Allows regular scratching behaviors that can lead to healthy claws and relieve stress.
Triangle design allows multiple combinations or positions which means more variety and fun. 
Scratching pads are designed to mimic tree bark - a cat's favorite scratching surface in nature. It works like a nail file to keep the kitty's claws clean, healthy and strong. 
A great addition to your home to keep your furry friend healthy, happy, and in tip-top shape.

Product Dimension: 28x17x21cm


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