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ZODIAC Sofa Cat Scratcher

ZODIAC Sofa Cat Scratcher


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The luxurious cat furniture doubles as a scratcher and bed.

This cat scratcher is shaped like a classical sofa, luxurious in looks complete with an armrest and backrest. Designed to be a spacious scratcher where our feline pet can freely sit, lay down, and roll. The sleek and stylish design scratcher is made of premium corrugated cardboard, durable and non-toxic using recyclable materials. Offers a comfortable resting spot and blends well with any interior decor. The affected item will spare your home furniture from being damaged, scratched or torn. 


Stylish and classical design: Gives you a luxurious ambiance, making it more comfortable than normal scratchers.
Spacious enough: with a dimension of 60 x 30 x 27cm size, this is fitting enough for average-sized cats.
High-quality materials: Made from the high-density corrugated cardboard box and offers longer product life.
Non-toxic and Safe to Use: Using eco-friendly materials and non-toxic glue, your cat will definitely be safe using this product.
Versatile cat furniture: Serves as a scratcher and cat bed.
Ensures claws are healthy: Spacious scratching platform allows them to scratch away to hone their claws, stretch their muscles, and help them relax free from stress.
Protects your furniture: Spares your home furniture from being the cat’s object of interest.
- Package dimension: Length:60cm, Width:2.05cm, Height:30cm; Weight:2.05KG


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