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ZODIAC Round Cat Scratcher

ZODIAC Round Cat Scratcher


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ZODIAC Round Cat Scratchers the ultimate all-day companion for your beloved little friend!

The Zodiac Round Cat Scratcher is here to protect your furniture while providing an unmatched scratching experience and quality for your fluffy friends! Arriving in a minimalistic and modern design that allows it to fit into any home, it’s also extremely durable thanks to the natural and high-quality corrugated cardboard. The unique shape of the scratcher makes it perfect for your cats to relax and lounge in while supporting a healthy posture when scratching. Bring some luxury into your cats’ lives today!

Available in Kiwi, Banana, Orange, Watermelon, Blueberry and Moruya


Unmatched Quality: Durable and quality scratcher to protect your furniture while satisfying your cat’s claws
Simple Yet Elegant: Modern and minimalistic design to suit any home as decor
Keeps Your Cat Comfortable In The Long Run: Supports an ideal and healthy scratching posture
Completely Safe To Use: Natural, safe, and high-quality corrugated cardboard material


Weight (kg): 1.00
Dimensions (L*W*H cm): 40x40x10cm


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