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ZODIAC Pet Wipes 100 Pcs/Bag

ZODIAC Pet Wipes 100 Pcs/Bag


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ZODIAC Pet Wipes - Aloe Vera leaves you and your pet no stress from the mess. It is a tough job to maintain cleanliness when there's a pet at home. In addition to the love and care, pets need constant grooming and cleaning to keep them in tip-top health. These wipes make it easy for you to clean your pet of food debris, dirt, or dander. 

Keep your dog clean and soft with Zodiac Pet Wipes for quick clean-ups when getting in or out of the car or before and after playtime. You can also use them for light grooming to maintain a shiny coat.

Available in Unscented, Green Tea, Lavender, and Aloe Vera scented package

Benefits and Features:

Make your pet feel and look fresh 
Extra gentle for use around the eyes, ears, face, and body
Deodorising action from natural ingredients
Contains Olive Oil which is known to help promote skin health
Replenishes natural protective oils


Never flush wet wipes down the toilet, as they do not dissolve like paper and can lead to blocked waterways and environmental pollution. 
Always dispose in a garbage bin.

Product Quantity: 100 sheets/pack
- Package dimension: Length:10cm, Width:0.624cm, Height:8cm; Weight:0.624KG


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