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ZODIAC Cat Scratcher

ZODIAC Cat Scratcher


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The Zodiac Milk Box is here to bring a whole new level of scratching comfort for your cats!

The Zodiac Cat Scratcher Blue Milk Box arrives in a modern and adorable design! Constructed out of high-quality and non-toxic materials, not only does this provide long-lasting service, but your kitties will also love the feel of the scratcher! Perfect for any home, Zodiac’s adorable Cat Scratcher Blue Milk Box provides an unmatched scratching experience! With a modern design able to fit into any home, it’ll also be your cat’s center of attention and protect your furniture. Built out of environmentally friendly and high-quality corrugated cardboard, it’s ready to provide your kitty with a lifetime of happy scratching! With a unique hidey-hole that provides a convenient napping and sleeping spot, what’s not to love with Zodiac’s scratcher?


Ideal Size: Generous size and value, providing a satisfying scratching session
Unmatched Quality: High-quality materials to ensure maximum lifetime
Private Hidey Holes: Convenient hiding spot for quick and easy naps
Able To Suit Any Home: Adorable Milk Box design
Completely Safe To Use: 100% recyclable and non-toxic

Also Available in Red and Yellow

Material: Corrugated Paper
Size: 32 x 32 x 56 cm
- Package dimension: Length:33cm, Width:1.2cm, Height:5.5cm; Weight:1.2KG


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