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PIDAN Water Fountain With Heating Function

PIDAN Water Fountain With Heating Function


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PIDAN Water Fountain with Heating Function is the perfect product for animal lovers who are seeking a safe, quiet space to relax. It doesn't only filter the water clean but also maintains an even temperature without fluctuation at all times! A revolutionary outdoor gadget that will keep your cat hydrated and satiated while you enjoy newfound tranquillity thanks to its ultra-quiet motor! Moreover, it has 3 plug switches to prevent any chance of electric shock via static electricity.
Benefits and Features:

For pet’s hydration
Always keep the water flowing.
The noise level is at 35dB (super-quiet motor).
Water Temperature: 20 to 25 Celsius.
Perfect for multiple cats.
The product is suitable for Cats and Dogs.
Clean and fresh water is made available throughout the day.
- Package dimension: Length:16.5cm, Width:0.87cm, Height:19.5cm; Weight:0.87KG

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