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PIDAN Pet Toy Electronic Dodgeball - Purple

PIDAN Pet Toy Electronic Dodgeball - Purple


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Curious kitty dodgeball!

PIDAN Purple Electronic Dodgeball Cat Toy with a self-rotating ball and built-in LED light will drive your cat crazy! Providing lots of fun while the ball rolls and flashes, it triggers your kitty’s hunting instinct. The hilarious dodgeball toy changes direction automatically whenever it hits an obstacle and never gets stuck. The built-in laser pointer in three-colour LED doubles the fun with two operating modes.
Benefits and Features:

Pidan Pet Toy - Electronic Dodgeball motivates your pet to play and jump.
Built-in Laser Pointer and three-colour Marquee.
Centrifugal rotation and automatic direction change.

ABS, Balance Weight

Two Modes:

In the off state, press the top switch once to start “The Marquee Mode”: Rolling with Marquee.
Press the top switch once to start “The Laser Mode”: Rolling with Marquee and Laser.
Press the top switch once to shut down the toy.
It will shut down after ten minutes, saving power;
Active for 4 Minutes and 45 Seconds + Pause for 30 Seconds + Active for 4 Minutes and 45 Seconds.
It will shut down automatically at ten minutes.


Three Triple-A (AAA) batteries are needed.
This product is composed of internal components and a shell. The inner parts can NOT be washed.
Do NOT place the product at a high place to avoid fall damage.
This product emits laser light during operation. Prevent direct exposure to people or pets’ eyes to the light.

Product Size: 76×76×76mm

Product Net Weight: 180g

PIDAN Purple Electronic Dodgeball is an interactive cat toy that will satisfy the chase instinct of your cat with its self-rotating ball and built-in LED light. Fun cat toy automatically changes directions whenever it hits an obstacle, so there's practically no way for him to ever get stuck. Cat toys keep cats entertained, but motivate them to jump as well.
- Package dimension: Length:34cm, Width:0.81cm, Height:60cm; Weight:0.81KG


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