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PIDAN Pet Nail Clipper

PIDAN Pet Nail Clipper


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Nail trimming is an important part of maintaining your pet's health and beauty. To make it easier to cut your pet's nails, we have created a tool that makes the entire process fast, convenient, and easy. You can simply click on our Pet Nail Clipper's LED light and then follow its guidance to know where the nail should be cut. Since you can see your pet's nails quickly and accurately, the likelihood of overcutting is greatly reduced. Made with a thick quality stainless steel blade, you are guaranteed a clean and accurate cut even with the toughest nails because our nail clippers do not slip away from your hands. There is also a storage box to trap the nails safely, which means no more nails flying around in your pockets after a nail-cutting session.

Benefits and Features:

PETKIT LED Light Nail Clipper
Anti-leaping design prevents messy nail trash.
Built-in LED lights prevent cutting the bloodline.
Portable and handful.
Built-in folding nail file for multiple uses.
Made with premium materials: stainless steel and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.
Non-slip and lockable handles.
- Package dimension: Length:9cm, Width:0.1cm, Height:3cm; Weight:0.1KG

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