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PIDAN Pet Food Storage

PIDAN Pet Food Storage


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If you're searching for a high-quality, airtight pet food storage container, look no further than the PIDAN Pet Food Storage Container! With a volume of 12 liters and an allowable weight of 5 kilograms, this container is perfect for storing your pet's food. The sealing strip independently developed by Pidan guarantees a sealed environment, while the semi-transparent design with the frosted texture facilitates observation and cleaning.

Benefits and Features:

In Pidan's design concept sealing is the key factor for a food storage container. So Pidan uses a rubber ring of nearly 1 cm to ensure an absolute seal of the dog treat storage container.
The back of the lid is reserved for the desiccant position, you can easily replace it.
This product is made of Food-Grade plastic with a frosted design on the outside, so you can vaguely see the amount of food left. The smooth surface inside makes it easy to clean.
The unique round hole design at the buckle further enhances the sealing of the product, but due to atmospheric pressure, you need to open the buckle first to let the air enter through the round hole and then slowly lift the lid.
- Package dimension: Length:22.5cm, Width:1.305cm, Height:29.5cm; Weight:1.305KG


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