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PIDAN Pet Dispenser Toy - Capsule - Pink

PIDAN Pet Dispenser Toy - Capsule - Pink


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This pink and clear toy capsule dispenses yummy treats to your pet during playtime. For the times away from your furry friend, the Pidan Pet Dispenser Toy Capsule will occupy your dog with lots of tasty morsels. Instead of experiencing stress, your pet can play and eat from the dispenser to their heart’s delight which will give you peace of mind when you’re out and about.

Benefits and Features:

Helps to relieve separation anxiety.
Great tumbler design so your pet can play throughout the day – and eat treats.
This product is washable, just rinse and wipe
Made with an eco-friendly, high-quality thermoplastic polymer, durable and safe.
- Package dimension: Length:84cm, Width:0.256cm, Height:132cm; Weight:0.256KG


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