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PIDAN Pet Cooling Mat - Honey And Lemon

PIDAN Pet Cooling Mat - Honey And Lemon


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"Hot day, Cool Bed."

PIDAN Honey and Lemon Pet Cooling Mat locks a special gel into sealed compartments and absorbs heat evenly. Your pet stays cool every time he lies on the mat. The smart cooling mat is fabricated with PVC and is resistant to wear and tear. Hygienic and healthy, keep it clean by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Benefits and Features:

Cooling pet bed or mat that can keep your pet relieved of the summer heat.
Water-resistant, and easily washed with soap and water.
Resistant to scratching, durable for long-term use.
Suitable for both cats and dogs.

Product Material
PVC fabric, Gel resin, PP cotton.

Pidan Pet Bed is washable with detergent. (DO NOT use a corrosive cleaning product to avoid damaging the product.)
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
Pidan Cooling Pet Bed is free of obvious toxicity, but if the product is damaged and the inner gel is leaking, please clean thoroughly and immediately.
If the Pidan Cooling Pet Bed's inner gel is accidentally ingested, please seek professional medical advice immediately.

Keep your furry friend cool with the PIDAN Honey And Lemon Pet Cooling Mat! This ingenious pet cushion mat has been designed with a special gel that locks in heat and evenly distributes it, keeping your pet comfortable all day long. The PVC construction is durable resistant to wear and tear and easy to clean - just wipe with a damp cloth when needed.
- Package dimension: Length:7.5cm, Width:0.19cm, Height:11cm; Weight:0.19KG


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