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PIDAN Pet Bed - Alumi - Grey

PIDAN Pet Bed - Alumi - Grey


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The cotton and linen were applied to offer good smoothness and abrasion resistance. The blended fabric wearing no fine hair is selected. It can be cleaned simply either by hand or by machine. The fine manufacturing with multi-thread hemming furnishes the bed with good durability and abrasion resistance. Stable Structure & Secure Locks The rack structure is simple but stable. With the roomy bed sheet, the bed applies to even a fat cat. Decorate your space with a brief style. The bed can be assembled and stored conveniently, and well matches any house design.
Benefits and Features:

A steady and elegant hammock with a stand.
Comfortable and cozy for your loving cat and small dog.
The beechwood timber Stand is high-quality crafted and only uses eco-friendly wood wax on the surface.
Safe for both cats and people
Premium-selected non-stick cotton and linen blended fabric.
Easy to clean and suitable for both hand and machine wash.
Simple, easy to assemble, but stable!
- Package dimension: Length:25.5cm, Width:1.05cm, Height:7.5cm; Weight:1.05KG

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