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PIDAN Pet Air Bed - Folding

PIDAN Pet Air Bed - Folding


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Able to be attached firmly to any window, the PIDAN Cat Air and Folding Bed is a platform-style hanging hammock for a kitty who loves high life and watches over the vast outdoors anytime. The attractive wide felt belts secured the platform in place, alongside suction caps attached steadily to the window for added safety. Lined with a textured cotton-linen blend cover, your cat can luxuriously stretch in comfort while enjoying the view. The elaborate and unique design not only provides your kitty with a beautiful view but complements your home décor.
Benefits and Features:

Securely attaches to a window, fixed at four points.
Recommended for cats 10 kg and below
Rests at 15 degrees, and will not tip even after long-term use.
Firmly secured with powerful suction cups and thick, wide felt support belts.
Included with high-density corrugated scratch paper.
- Package dimension: Length:42.2cm, Width:0.975cm, Height:4.1cm; Weight:0.975KG


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