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PIDAN Mixed Crushed Bentonite And Tofu Cat Litter 6L/2.4Kg

PIDAN Mixed Crushed Bentonite And Tofu Cat Litter 6L/2.4Kg


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The innovative composite cat litter creates an ultra-new user experience by combining 70% tofu cat litter and 30% crushed bentonite, which elevates the effectiveness. Mixed with premium food-grade bean dregs to ensure the product is biodegradable, flushable, and safe to use. PIDAN Mixed Crushed Bentonite and Tofu Cat Litter 2.4kg is naturally scented and allows both you and your pets a comfortable air environment. The revolutionized charcoal tofu cat litter pellets expand the effective area and clump firmly, preventing any liquids from sinking to the bottom.
Having bentonite particles fill the gaps present in the tofu litter allows for a more efficient and stronger wrap and clumping. The odors are firmly secured thanks to the premium materials from Mineral Technologies USA and STA odour-removing particles. With the addition of activated black charcoal particles, which have lots of micro sockets and the ability to suck in unpleasant odors. The hidden blue STA particles can also minimize the spread of any odors along the way. Reward yourself today with the world's best cat litter!

Benefits and Features:

Mixed 70% tofu litter and 30% crushed bentonite clay.
Super absorbent.
No artificial fragrances.
Absorbing liquid into solid clumps within 3 seconds.
Low dust, solid clumping, and non-stick.
Biodegradable and flushable.
- Package dimension: Length:21cm, Width:2.4cm, Height:7.5cm; Weight:2.4KG


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