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PIDAN Igloo Cat Litter Box - White

PIDAN Igloo Cat Litter Box - White


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With an award-winning design, the PIDAN White Igloo Cat Litter Box possesses a cozy interior while being spacious and allowing effortless access to cater to cats of all shapes and sizes. It delivers a quiet environment with low light and easily breathable space, which allows cats to have more privacy when sorting out their needs. Having a broad entryway to stop litter spread plus a bottom basin that is easy to scoop, your kitty will get used to this smart system within no time. Constructed out of a smooth antibacterial polymer while having a crisp white design, this is an ideal addition to your home environment.
Benefits and Features:

Arrives in a soft-grip scoop.
Contains IONPURE antibacterial technology with recyclable polypropylene, which allows it to be Eco-friendly
2016 Red Dot Design Award Winner Designed in France
hides the sight and smell of the litter.
Inspired by the Inuit igloo with minimalist and pure design.
A spherical design with maximum space for cats.
A long corridor prevents litter from escaping the box.
A seamless igloo basin enables easy cleanup.

- Package dimension: Length:55cm, Width:3.55cm, Height:50cm; Weight:3.55KG


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