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PIDAN Cat Scratcher Stacking Monster Type

PIDAN Cat Scratcher Stacking Monster Type


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If you're looking for a cat scratcher that works both to satisfy your cat scratching needs and also doubles as a toy, then this PIDAN Cat Scratcher stacking monster is her perfect companion. We love the lightweight cardboard material with elaborate linings to ensure durability while still being gentle on paws. Along with the stacked design, there are multiple levels in that your cat can use to happily claw at furniture or other obstacles in her path plus it will retrofit nicely into any home when not in use.
Benefits and Features:

Hard cardboard cat scratcher.
Tunnels for hide-n-seek.
Lightweight yet durable cat furniture.
Stackable for easy storage.
Suitable gift for a cat parents.
- Package dimension: Length:26cm, Width:2.8cm, Height:43.5cm; Weight:2.8KG


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