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PIDAN Cat Bowl

PIDAN Cat Bowl


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With a scientific design to rest at the correct height, the wonderful elevated cat bowl is tilted at 15 degrees to assist with healthy eating for your furry friends. It supplies easy access to water and food, ideal for unwell or elderly cats. The wide rim stops food from falling, and the transparent bowl is created from durable, anti-slip easy-to-clean non-toxic material. Give your furry friends a comfy session for feeding time with The Pidan Cat Bowl.
Benefits and Features:

Supports digestion with the raised stand.
Adjustable height with a scientific feeding function.
Produced out of non-toxic and safe polycarbonate.
Easy to clean, break-resistant, and durable.
- Package dimension: Length:14cm, Width:0.197cm, Height:16cm; Weight:0.197KG


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