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PETKIT Pura Dog Carbon Training Pads - 50 Pack

PETKIT Pura Dog Carbon Training Pads - 50 Pack


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PETKIT Pura Dog Carbon Training Pads are paw-feet for teaching puppies where to pee and poo. Let’s admit it, it would be a breeze to have something that’ll protect your floor from getting wet or you’ll need to mop it over and over again! Potty training is already a lot of work but with our Training Pads, now there’s less hassle of clean-ups for busy furparents like you!

An impeccable training pad with modern-day technology that’s still handled with care and a thorough gentle process to make it more enjoyable and delicate for your fur baby.

Potty training can be tiring and a handful so with that in mind, PEKIT Pura Dog Carbon Training Pad wants to take that heavy cleaning weight off your shoulders!

Benefits and Features:

Absorbs odours and bacteria leaving you smelling nothing but the pad’s fresh scent.
A great potty-training tool for cats and small to medium dogs.
Ideal for pet parents who can’t always make it outdoors because they’re working from home.
Draws in moisture quickly to stop tracking.
The quilted top helps prevent ripping and tearing.
Lined with waterproof plastic to prevent leaks.
Made of non-woven fabric, activated carbon, water-absorbent polymer, original pulp, and waterproof PE film.
Made of specially designed six-layered Japanese polymer SAP filled with absorbent gel to soak up urine without leaving the smell or sight of it behind.
The frame locks the liquid tightly that avoid running liquid.


Size: 52cm x 39cm
Thickness: 1.3 mm

Product Quantity: 50pcs

Train your new pet without all the mess with PETKIT Pura Carbon Training Pads 50 Pack! Quickly absorb odors and bacteria, leaving your home smelling fresh - perfect for potty-training cats and small to medium dogs. Plus, the quilted top prevents ripping and tearing, while the waterproof lining prevents leaks. And if you're working from home, our pads are the perfect solution for those "accidents" that seem to happen when you can't always make it outdoors. So don't wait - pick up a pack of PETKIT dog training pads today!
- Package dimension: Length:16cm, Width:1cm, Height:24cm; Weight:1KG


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