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PETKIT Pet Spillproof Mat- Blue

PETKIT Pet Spillproof Mat- Blue


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Say goodbye to messy and wet floors! This is the perfect mat for owners who are tired of cleaning after their pet finishes eating and drinking. The PETKIT Pet Spillproof Mat is the perfect solution for those who have a messy little eater at home. Its raised edge design helps prevent water drips, and food stains on your floor by keeping the water and food within the mat. Moreover, its slip-proof design also provides extra stability towards the mat during meal times; in other words, there is no chance that your pet’s food bowl will move around when they’re eating. This mat is non-toxic and lick-safe thanks to the US FDA-approved silicone material. 

Also available in Grey and White.

Product Highlights:

Made from USFDA-approved, food-grade silicone.
The outer border prevents food and water from spilling out of the mat
Easy to clean and maintain – simply rinse and wash with soapy water when necessary.
- Package dimension: Length:34cm, Width:0.378cm, Height:2cm; Weight:0.378KG


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