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PETKIT Fun 4 in 1 Cat Scratcher Accessory Corrugated Board

PETKIT Fun 4 in 1 Cat Scratcher Accessory Corrugated Board


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Let your cats have endless enjoyment by fulfilling their needs while your house is spared from any damage.

Scratchers have stopped being just about those things you put on the floor for your pets. Designers are catching on and designing some beautiful options that are both stylish and functional. PETKIT offers a 4-in-1 Cat Scratcher so cats can scratch, play, relax, and be happy. This product takes the best the world can offer to your cat, giving you maximum joy. After all, there are more exciting things to scratch and play with besides your walls, doors, and furniture. Give them a Petkit 4-in-1 cat scratcher, it also offers playful challenges and problem-solving.


Not just a simple scratcher but it also has a unique circular track that the cat can play with in many ways.
The round-shaped scratcher at the center offers a bigger scratching surface and playground.
PETKIT cat scratcher toy helps release the cat’s instinctive nature, saving the homeowner's house and its furniture.
Includes 2 colorful balls to be placed in the circular track for the cat to play, paw, and chase around.
Made with a high-density thickened corrugated board that is solid and durable.
Easy to assemble and easy to clean allowing for easy parts replacement.


Size: 44x44x7.1cm

Weight: 1.1kg

Material: ABS, PS, Corrugated board

Package Includes:

Track Pallet x 1
Cat Scratcher Pad x 1
Green Catnip Ball x 1
Orange Bell Ball x 1
Catnip 2.5g x 1
- Package dimension: Length:45cm, Width:8cm, Height:45cm; Weight:1.03KG

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