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PETKIT Fresh Smart Bowl

PETKIT Fresh Smart Bowl


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Looking for a pet bowl that's both stylish and bacteria-free? Look no further than the PETKIT FRESH Smart Bowl Colour Balls! This award-winning design features innovative antibacterial technology, making it a safe and hygienic choice for your beloved pet. Plus, it's easily hand-washable – just rinse under running water. So don't wait any longer – order your PETKIT smart pet bowl today! This PETKIT FRESH Pet Smart Bowl can accurately weigh and calculate the amount of food your pet needs daily.

PETKIT uses antibacterial and organic materials for this smart bowl to ensure your pets' safety in daily life. It is suitable for both cats and dogs with a bowl capacity of 450ml. The built-in sensor also makes using this blow a breeze! Being compatible with the app allows you to have total control, and the two AAA batteries supply an approximate two-year lifespan. You're also able to wash the bowl by running it underwater, thanks to the sealed battery box for protection! Having holes located at the bottom for drainage makes this feeding bowl has never been so convenient.

Also available in White and Milk Cow.


Award Winner: Red Dot Design Award Winner 2016 & iF Design Award 2018 
Antibacterial technology (BioCleanActTM material) - Actively stops sick-inducing bacteria (E. Coli, etc.), and by doing so, pet owners are reassured with quality and service.
Easily hand-washable: The Smart Bowl contains a sealed battery box that offers protection along with holes at the bottom for drainage. Rinse under running water, and you're all set! Please be aware not to soak the bowl.
Extremely long lifespan: Utilising two AAA Alkaline batteries, the bowl can effectively run up to two years.  
Built-in weighing function - Arriving with an LCD screen that allows a clear view of the pet food's weight, the built-in scale's unit conversion and weighing properties easily make it one of the most convenient bowls out there.  
Safety certification - Being certified by international standards (Korea & USA FDA, CE, RoHS, FCC) highlights its effectiveness and safety. 
Functional & Convenient design: With a slanted 5-degree front rim, not only is it highly convenient for your pet, but the non-slip buttons provide you with a stress-free and easy experience. 
Connect to your Smartphone: Able to create, personalize, and access your pets' profiles (Breed, weight, age, activity, food brands, etc.), you're able to calculate and apply the appropriate amount of food with ease through the PETKIT app! (available in APPLE Store and Google Play) 


Suitable For: Cats and small/medium dogs.

Directions For Use: Rinse under running water and wipe dry before and after every use. Please do NOT soak the bowl.

Weight: 0.45 kg

Inner Diameter: 15.5 x 12.7 x 5 (cm).

Product Material: BioCleanActTM, ABS Plastic
- Package dimension: Length:20.5cm, Width:0.465cm, Height:21.5cm; Weight:0.465KG


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