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PETKIT Fountain Filter 1Pk

PETKIT Fountain Filter 1Pk


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"Your reliable spare to ensure hydration for pets doesn't stop."

This quality water filter will help your pet stay healthy. It's easy to install, durable for years of use, and is designed with a variety of pets in mind. It has patented antimicrobial protection which prevents the growth of bacteria that can taint the taste or smell of your pet's drinking water. The PETKIT Replacement Filter for Ever Sweet Pet Drinking Fountain 1Pk is perfect if you have already purchased one Ever Sweet Drinking Fountain!
Benefits and Features:

Filters out chemicals, metals, and organic compounds that affect the taste and smell of water.
Compatible with PetKit Water Fountain.
Filtered water is better for pet hydration
It helps keep pets from being exposed to contaminants bacterial toxins and even parasites.
Water filters ensure better tasting and smelling drinking water.
Petkit Fountain Filter 1 pk will serve as a standby spare part which will ensure continuous use of the Drinking fountain.
Product dimension: L15cm x W15cm x H1cm

Product Weight: 0.0500 kg

Note: Before using the new filter, soak the filter for 2 minutes in water to activate the resin, and press the black RESET button for 5 seconds on the bottom of the fountain.

Petkit Fountain Filter 1Pk are replacement filters for the Petkit Ever Sweet Drinking Fountain. You should only purchase these cat fountain filters or pet fountain supplies if you already have the fountain. Many cats and dogs do not drink as much water as they should. This is why we created a pet drinking fountain with a quality pet fountain part that encourages your pets to drink more water.
- Package dimension: Length:15cm, Width:0.04cm, Height:15cm; Weight:0.04KG


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