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PETKIT Flying Fish Cat Scratcher

PETKIT Flying Fish Cat Scratcher


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This PETKIT Flying Fish Cat Scratcher climbing rack is a multi-functional scratching post that meets all your cat’s playful needs. Made of high-quality natural sisal rope, it’s strong and durable. The anti-skid base is made from solid wood, so it keeps your fluffy friends safe to play around! The two flicking fish attached to the springs on-base, act as living prey for your cat to batter away, addressing your cat’s hunting instincts and keeping them mentally stimulated. This cat scratching post will also be ideal for your cats to sharpen their claws, climb, and play around. It also protects your furniture and walls at the same time!

Product Highlights:

Multi-functional: Meets all cat's needs such as playing, pawing, scratching, and teasing at the same time!
Easy Installation: Designed to be assembled with ease.
Durable: Made of natural jute twine, resistant to abrasion and erosion.
Stable & Safe: The anti-slip wood base keeps your cats playing while feeling safe.

Size: 30x40x42.5cm
Weight: 2.1kg
Materials: Sisal, Wood
- Package dimension: Length:20cm, Width:3cm, Height:35cm; Weight:3KG


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