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PETKIT Everclean Pet Massage Comb

PETKIT Everclean Pet Massage Comb


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"Handy pet grooming tool with therapeutic benefits."

Looking for a way to reduce feline stress and help with grooming? Look no further than the PETKIT Pet Massage Comb! This premium silicone brush head is comfortable, durable, and resistant to deformation - perfect for removing matted and loose hair. Plus, the brush provides better blood circulation, making it an ideal choice for cats that hate being groomed. Your cat will love how it feels and enjoy getting massaged!
Benefits and Features:

Made of premium silicone material, provides an ultra-soft touch and a delightful grooming experience.
Promotes bonding and interaction with your pet.
Multi-purpose: It’s also a bath massage brush. Gently brush in the direction that hair grows to improve your pet’s blood circulation, relax muscles, and reduce stress.
Durable, washable, and easy to clean.
Suitable for cats & dogs.
Note: Important!

It is not a toy; please keep it away from your pets.
Use a damp brush to avoid flying hairs.

Product Colour: Pink

Looking for a way to help your cat feel better? The PETKIT Pet Massage Comb is perfect! This brush helps remove matted and loose hair, prevents the formation of hairballs, and provides a massage that benefits your cat's blood circulation. Plus, it's made of premium silicone and is resistant to deformation - so it will last long. Your cat will love how this brush feels, and you'll appreciate how well it works.
- Package dimension: Length:4cm, Width:0.09cm, Height:9cm; Weight:0.09KG


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