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PETKIT Cooling Cat Pad (For PETKIT Pura X)

PETKIT Cooling Cat Pad (For PETKIT Pura X)


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"A cooling pad for cats that works."

When your cats are drooling, restless, panting, and even possibly vomiting, these are all indicators that your feline pet is overheating. PETKIT Cooling Cat Pad is the go-to solution for pet cats who want to cool off. Specially designed for the PETKIT Pura X Self-Cleaning Cat litterbox. Your cat can cool down in fashion!
Benefits Features:

Designed for PURA X the self-cleaning cat litter box, the pad could be used and placed on top of the litter box for a more comfy spot for your cat.
Suitable for all situations.
It uses super-absorbent polymer gels that expel heat and are temperature-consistent.
Made from Taffeta fabric, compositive PVC water barrier, and polymer gels for a three-layer design.
Easy cleaning, Foldable, and Lightweight.
Materials are non-irritating fibers, without chemicals, and are safe.
Product Weight: 1000g

Brand: PETKIT Pura X Cooling Pad (Cat)

Dimensions: 17.50 X 17.50 X 0.78 inches

Using the PETKIT Cooling Cat Pad for PETKIT Pura X is one of the effective ways to keep your cat cool under hot weather. Suitable for all situations and is designed for the Pura X the self-cleaning cat litter box. These cat cooling mats aren’t just there for style but for work.


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