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PETKIT Cat Litter Trapper

PETKIT Cat Litter Trapper


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"A great addition to the cat litter box that prevents our cats from spreading litter around the house."

You won't have to worry about your cat tracking litter outside of their litter box and you will always have a clean area with oPETKIT Cat Litter Trapper for Pura X & Pura Max. It allows cats to walk up from the ground without the mess of litter falling all over or creating a mess in your home. The tray is made of good quality ABS plastic material, the grille is a suitable size, and the cat can walk comfortably but traps the sand that sticks to your feet very well. The tray is slightly sloping, about 10-13.5cm tall so that short-legged cats can use it easily. This litter trap/tray will keep your cat's paws clean and make it easier for them to get in and out of the box.
Benefits and Features:

Traps 90% of kitty litter or more with its dual interlocking mesh tray design that is soft on paws, easy to clean, and slip-resistant.
Brilliantly traps cat litter from cat paws and litter boxes with its fully tested double-layered grid tray designs with large holes to help trap excess litter in between and prevent the scattering of kitty litter and turning your house into a desert.
High-quality durable plastic design for a super easy clean.
Two-layer tray design that clicks securely together and is easy to unlatch for separation and dumping.
Equipped with rubber stoppers on all 4 corners as anti-slip and for stability.
Designed as a minimal white tray with rounded curves, suitable for every style of home decoration.

ABS Plastic

Dimension: 500x415x135mm

PETKIT Cat Litter Trapper For Pura X / Max is made of a good quality litter trap, that allows you to recycle the litter trap under the mesh from the litter trap. Aside from being a cost-saver for cat litter, this cat litter tray also ensures that litter isn’t spread all over the house. The cat litter trapper is equipped with rubber stoppers on all 4 corners as anti-slip and for stability.


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