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PETKIT Carbon Tofu Cat Litter- 6L/2.65Kg

PETKIT Carbon Tofu Cat Litter- 6L/2.65Kg


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"Naturally Fresh."

Petkit Active Carbon Tofu Litter is eco-friendly, has excellent absorption, and has a low dust factor. Produced with raw materials, this natural product of cat litter is biodegradable and flushable. Activated carbon controls odors and acts as a super-absorber. Petkit Active Carbon Tofu Litter has kitty paw-friendly granules and eliminates litter tracking and nasty smells. An excellent product for the eco-minded buyer, it’s fast, absorbent, easy to scoop, and super gentle on your cat’s paws.

Benefits and Features:

Contains activated carbon
Fast absorption and clumping
Low 11% water content, eliminating excess moisture and mess
2mm litter is soft on your cat’s paws.
Minimal dust
Disposable in a flush.

Ingredients: Bean dregs, Starch, Corn powder, Activated carbon

Size: 6L
- Package dimension: Length:22cm, Width:3.8cm, Height:8cm; Weight:3.8KG


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