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PETKIT Air Magic Cube Smart Odour Eliminator -Concentrated Air Purifying

PETKIT Air Magic Cube Smart Odour Eliminator -Concentrated Air Purifying


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"Stay Pet Fresh Every Day."

This PETKIT Air MagiCube Concentrated Air Purifying Refill is a concentrated solution for your PURA Air Magic Cube Smart Pet Odour Eliminator. The targeted formula eliminates pet odors and freshens every room. A convenient and easy-to-fill cube is the most efficient solution for your home.
Benefits and Features:

Freshen the air, eliminate the bacteria and formaldehyde
Eliminates ammonia smell in pet waste
Purifies the air and ensures a clean space
An active amino acid formula
Directions for Use:

Pour the whole package of the product into the empty barrel of PETKIT AIR MAGIC Cube.
Add 2700ml clean water to activate the cube
Each liquid sachet lasts 1 - 2 months
Product Volume: 300ml x 3

Product Quantity: 3 packs

Brand: PETKIT (Cat)

PETKIT Air MagiCube Refill 3Pk is a cat litter deodorizer refill for the PURA Air Magic Cube Smart Odour Eliminator. The pet odor eliminator eliminates pet smells and leaves every room smelling fresh. This litter deodorizer refill is perfect for keeping your home smelling great even when you have pets.
- Package dimension: Length:10.9cm, Width:0.96cm, Height:15.6cm; Weight:0.96KG


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