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PETKIT 5 In1 Mixed Cat Litter

PETKIT 5 In1 Mixed Cat Litter


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"Super absorbent, low-dust, and long-lasting cat litter."

Made from Soy Pulp, PETKIT 5-In-1 Biodegradable & Flushable Active Carbon Mineral Mixed Tofu Cat Litter 3.6kg is an innovative tofu litter composite that is biodegradable with bentonite clay mix that assists with clumping and absorption.

Activated carbon acts as an effective deodorizer and boosts freshness. Smaller grain size prevents tracking aids in easy scooping and is safe to flush in small amounts.
Features and Benefits:

Active Ingredients contain a mix of 67% tofu & activated carbon molecules, 29% bentonite, and 3% functional particles.
Super-absorbent, long-lasting.
Minimal dust and fast clumping; easy to scoop.
Gentle on cat paws with 2 mm litter.
Minimal dust with 55° hardness.
Disposable and flushable in a small amount.
Size: 7L (3.6kg per bag)

Directions to use:

Lay a 5 to 8-cm thick layer of Active Carbon Mixed Tofu Litter in the cat toilet.
Ensure the cat toilet is away from moisture.
Try to clean the litter at least once a day.
Regularly refill the cat litter to ensure the 5 to 8cm thickness of litter in the cat toilet.
Replacing new litter once a week is recommended.
- Package dimension: Length:45cm, Width:14.4cm, Height:29cm; Weight:14.4KG


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