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CATLINK Stairway Accessory

CATLINK Stairway Accessory


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Be smart, Be Clean, and be Innovative for your Fur pets!

Catlink Stairway for Scooper Self-clean Smart Cat Litter Box is the best accessory to have for your cat. Keeps your home neat and clean with its 99.9% sand collection ability, so you know that tracking will be minimized! Your cat will love it too since they are perfect for elderly or short-legged cats, who have a hard time navigating steps. The grid also prevents slipping on tracked sand, saving you more time on cleaning! The product comes with four anti-slip foot pads underneath to give extra stability to the product as well as save space because it covers an approx 0.2 meters area around the litter box.

Benefits & Features:

Collect 99.9% of sand and litter.
Perfect for elderly or short-legged cats.
With a High-density grid to stop slipping.
Structured collection of tracked sand.
Help your home be neat and clean.
Save space and cover an approx. area of 0.2 square meters.
Made for your cat's convenience and designed for easy cleaning.
Comes with four non-slip foot pads underneath for stability.
Safe and do not damage the floor.


PP Antibacterial plastic

Direction for Use:

Place in CatLink Smart Scooper Self-Cleaning Litter Box
Use as cat litter bowl
Keep it clean always!

Product Dimension (LxWxH): 57x35x23cm
Product Weight: 3kg


Catlink Stairway Smart Cat Litter Box is a stairway for the litter box to help kittens and senior cats climb up the cat litter box. These cat litter box stairs are made of top-quality and premier materials that make it durable and long-lasting. Cat litter accessory one must have especially as a clean-up accessory for cat litter.

1 x Stairway


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