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PETKIT Cleaning Kit For Eversweet 2

PETKIT Cleaning Kit For Eversweet 2


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"Pet cleaning kit accessory"

Next time you want to clean your pet's water fountain, turn to PETKIT Cleaning Kit For Eversweet Pet Water Fountain for a quick and easy way to pull out any pesky food particles. The kit includes a brush and sponge that are perfect for cleaning in between the rings or grasping at large pieces of debris that may have been ground into the bottom of your pet's container. Made from durable plastic that will last for months of cleaning!
Benefits & Features:

Made of high-quality material to stop oxidization and rusting.
A deep cleaning helps reach deep areas that your regular sponge cannot accomplish.
Hassle-free cleaning.
Durable cleaning product and is crafted to last longer.

PP and Nylon, Polyether Polyol, and Polymer Polyol

Direction for cleaning PETKIT Eversweet Water Fountain :

Press and hold the button to turn off the fountain.
Disassemble the product and take out the silicon tube.
Brush the top tray with the cleaning brush.
Repeatedly scrub the silicon tube.
Clean other parts with the cleaning foam.
Use suitable detergent to clean the main box.
Clean parts one by one.
Let it dry and assemble.
Pour new water again.
Turn on and you are ready to go.
Package Inclusion: 1 cleaning brush and 1 cleaning sponge

Package Weight: 0.039kg

Product Colour: White

Brand: Petkit

Petkit Cleaning Kit for Eversweet Water Fountain durable sponge and brush cleaning kit is designed to keep your water fountain clean. The set is made with safe materials, so no harm can befall your pets. Cleaning accessory with an easy-grip handle that allows you to carry it around.
- Package dimension: Length:14cm, Width:0.039cm, Height:25cm; Weight:0.039KG


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