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Pet Only Grooming Group Canberra provides excellent dog grooming service and SPA service by professional Micro Bubble SPA Tube System. Furthermore, we offer friendly Day Spa service for your lovely dogs as well as Cattery service. Our professional and kind staff provides you with the services to match your needs of your pets. We love pups& we love our planet. Pet Only loves Pet grooming and taking care of your dogs.  That is why Pet Only try their best to use high quality shampoos, conditioners and detergents when possible. Not only is our pet grooming good for our furry best friend but also for our planet.

Now Pet Only Aquarium is open, we offer a wide range of custom-built Aquariums to suit everything of your requirements. We have livestock in our shop or you can follow us on Facebook which we will post our livestock list every week.

Address for Dog Grooming and Aquarium: Unit 6/26 Sandford St, Mitchell ACT 2911

Address for Pet Boarding: 860 Spring Range Road, Springrange, NSW 2618 

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